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High Return, High Impact.

The homes available for investment in HappyHomes are already booked by a long list of end-buyers, enabling you to get 24% guaranteed profit per annum with our buyback program.

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Buy high demand property with guaranteed profit, while enabling home-ownership for millions of Indonesians.

Here's how we cut the unnecessary steps to make your  property investment easy, fast, and stress-free.


Pilih Unit

Miliki aset yang nyata, beresiko rendah, permintaan tinggi dan stabil


Bayar DP

Dapatkan dana tambahan untuk melunasinya dari HHIT.


Nikmati Hasil

Nikmati Penghasilan yang stabil dan dapatkan apresiasi modal, serta hasil yang terus meningkat tanpa repot

How it works

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*The numbers above are for illustrative purposes only. It will be recalculated using well-defined percentage if the unit price is higher or lower than IDR 200 Mio.

Investment Trust Funds

A legal entity to hold property or assets investment for HappyHomes

Safe Investment in HappyHomes

HappyHomes Investment Trust Fund mendanai lebih besar daripada dana yang disetorkan oleh Investment Buyer

Sertifikat kepemilikan Properti yang dibeli oleh Investment Buyer diamankan oleh HappyHomes sampai keuntungan yang dijanjikan telah diperoleh .

Unit yang telah dibeli oleh Investment Buyer sudah memiliki kandidat  End Buyer yang sudah memiliki dana atau memenuhi syarat KPR.

Seluruh Proses Transaksi Transparan didalam Aplikasi HappyHomes.

Happy stories from our happy investment buyers

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Santos K. Budi

Karyawan Swasta

Aman, dipercaya, dan ga ribet.
Semua properti dijamin memiliki pembeli yang berkomitmen.


Paolo Mendazo


Saya sudah mencoba fitur investasi HappyHomes, investasi yang ditawarkan sangat menarik.

Tentang Kami

Million US Dollars fund
managed in HHIT Fund

More than 2.5k
units are booked

Happy Homes Investment Trust (HHIT) Fund is disbursed whenever a buyer pay the 35% of of the unit price as a down payment.

2500 homes are booked within 6 months of digital marketing activities and ready to purchase the unit through mortgage loan from the banks.

What makes HappyHomes different?

  1. High-demand real asset with assured profit.

  2. HHIT Fund take 2 times risks than you from the disbursed amount.

  3. The units are booked by the end-buyers before you invest it.


* Data from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Investopedia, REIT, Vanguard, Statista, Bankrate and HappyHomes calculations.

HappyHomes supports you in real estate investment so you can fulfill your aspirations.

Contact us now to get the best offer

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