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Make a house
your only dream
withIDR 1 Million

Islamic house with tropical and modern minimalist design, enhanced by the front yard planted with plants such as bidara, olives, and figs.


Free to choose location

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3 Easy Steps to Owning a Home 

Choose Your Dream Home

Choose your dream house on our project

Site survey if needed

Pay NUP, select unit, and pay

Monitor Progress Online

Keep track of your unit builds via the HappyHomes app

The development period is around 4-6 months

Notification when ready to be occupied

Handover and Ready to Occupy

Check the building before handing over

Move and occupy your unit immediately

Or rent your unit to HappyHomes

Our Projects

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The Leaf Mansion

The Leaf Mansion comes with the concept of affordable and quality housing. The Leaf Mansion is committed to providing the best quality with the best price guarantee. The Leaf Mansion is here to fulfill your dream of owning a home.

Built on an area of 24.67 hectares with a modern cluster concept. The housing developer, Realtegic Group, is committed to providing comfort for prospective owners and residents. This commitment includes environmental management, cleanliness, and safety.

Type 33 72 - Bougenvile 1.png
Type 33 72 - Bougenvile 1.png

The Leaf Mansion, a residential cluster directly adjacent to Tangerang, is one of the residences with the TOD (*Transit Oriented Development*) concept. Residential areas are built to facilitate the accessibility of residents by public transportation. Electric Rail Train (KRL), is one of the most integrated public transportation in Jabodetabek. The Leaf Mansion is just 400 meters from Tenjo Station. In addition to access to the station which is very close, The Leaf Mansion is also located 3 kilometers from the Serpong-Balaraja Toll Exit.

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Cheaper Prices.. Book Now!

Can be resold at a higher price

Pay DP


Installment Calculator

Simulate rental and mortgage installments easily here

Big DP
House Price

Installment DP

Installment per Month


Rp 1,012,628

DP Installment Length


Total DP


Total mortgage

IDR 120,000,000

Loan interest(First 5 years)


Price After Discount
Installment Length
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Make Your Dream Home Come True With HappyHomes!

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